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Maintaining A Bond

i May 30th No Comments by

Donated over one hundred books to the Men’s Central Jail for Books for Dads Program.  Inmate fathers read a children’s book into a video camera and then give the book and the CD to their child to maintain a father-child bond while they are in jail.

Holy Helping Hands Hears a Whoo

i May 23rd No Comments by

Participated in Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day for three consecutive years.  In 2011, we participated at Longfellow Elementary School in Compton, CA.  In past years, we read to the kindergarten to fifth grade classes at Foster Elementary from such books as Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat and the Hat.

Spooky Night

i May 3rd No Comments by

Annual Halloween Party at the Westwood V.A. Hospital.  Each year has gotten better.  A great time was had by all.  Dinner was served and then the dancing ensued.  The vets and the volunteers always have a wonderful time.